1) A Massive Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game.
2)Played by children for 3 months to a year until they are discouragd enough to quit.
3) A world away from our own that connects the unconnected through simulated reality.Originated from Chat Dungeons which allowed players to run around poorly rendered dungeons to simply speak to eachother. Soon after items and quests were added then games like World of Warcraft, Anarchy Online Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot Etc were created.

These games help young adults and adults to take some time away from their working or repititous lives and live in a harmless world for a little bit of their daily life.
"Wheeler:Dood iukm so fiiucking bord.
James:I reccomend you play a MMORPH Wheeler!"

"I cant hunny I have a guild raid with the guys tonight.. you know its just like real people i cant just stand them up!
Wife: *blank stare* I'm going to the gym.
Husband: Bye sweety! see you tomorrow sorry!
by Zee'Krey January 26, 2005
A system where you spend a good portion of your time at a computer, perform repetitive tasks to be promoted a level, fight with fellow players, and occasionally deal with boss creatures. Its just like work, only difference is you pay a monthly fee instead of BEING PAID a monthly fee.
Dan: Dude, I spent all of last week goldfarming on 'GalacticMedievalQuest' and I'm now a Level 34 Space-Elf Druid.

Bill: Thats nothing. I spent most of last week playing office politics & delegating responsibility at Initech Corp and I'm now promoted to Middle Manager. Plus they're paying me $10,000/mo.

Dan: FuXX0r! What new MMORPG is that?!
by LANTIRN January 14, 2008
Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The rather long acronym for the most popular types of games in the world. The key features that separate these from other games are:
1) monthly payments
2) constantly changing game
3) seasonal events
4) the ability to talk to, trade with, fight and team up with other players
5) non-linear gameplay
6) an illogical stereotype about people getting addicted to them, being fat and unhealthy.

Although it is true that they are slightly to fairly addictive in some cases, due to the natural human urge to better yourself, it is only a minority of people that this actually affects, and they have to be weak minded enough to convince themselves that games are more important than social lives. However, contrary to popular opinion, in moderation, they are much better than watching TV as most critics of them tend to do in their spare time as they improve reaction times, memory, reasoning and tactical thinking.
Bob: "You're such a nerd for playing an MMORPG Phil. You should really quit".

Phil: "Quit? And sit there watching American Idol and shouting at the TV? No thanks".
by Chilliconcarnage December 04, 2009
A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Most support a large number of players in 1 server.

A form of RPG - Role Playing Game

Most of the time it is required that you do not speak OOC (Out of Character)

Some examples are: Asherons Call, Everquest, and Ultima Online.
<News Broadcaster>4 teen student's died today after a battle over who got control of their stone tower in one of the most popular MMORPGS -- Ultima Online.
by Matt Curley April 06, 2003

MMORPG requires time and money
MMORPG = Time × Money

and time is money
Time = Money
MMORPG = Money^2

Money is root of all evil
Money = sqrt(Evil)
MMORPG = sqrt(Evil) × sqrt(Evil)
MMORPG = (sqrt(Evil))^2

Therefore, MMORPG is evil
Bob: Play this MMORPG!
John: MMORPG is evil! like girls!
by SHiNKiROU October 16, 2009
MMORPGs is the long term Death of human society.
"Hey tim lets go to the bar tonight and hit on bar sluts!"
"na I need to hit lvl 23 tonight in this cool new MMORPG!"
"Thats why you are 22 and still a virgin"
by [eXo] February 20, 2008
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