Much Mother Fucking Wicked Clown Love. A common farewell for Juggalos, listeners of the popular horror-core rap duo; the Insane Clown Posse.
Juggalo1- Peaceout homies MMFWCL
Rest of Juggalos- WHOOP WHOOP!
by Juggaloriders January 07, 2012
Much Mother Fucken Wicked Clown Love and hell ya man, Fuck all you who talk shit about us, so fucken what if were not rich ass snobby faggots, just cause we paint our faces, have faygo showers and wear all black u think were pathetic? FUCK YOU! MMFWCL To all my homies!!!
hey man what up MMFWCL
Word up to all the juggalos and J and Shaggs because were all juggalos ya know unless ur a biggot then fuck off
MMFWCL CURT!!! Fa show homie MMFWCL for life we dont die!
by Cody Curtis Homie March 13, 2005
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