it stands for "Master Mother Creeper". it is a kind of person who is so indescribably creepy that they hav such skill in the art of creeping, they hav formed a special academy for teaching all the creepy little babies of the world to creep better...
Parent 1: man, when did my kid become such a creeper...?
Parent 2: oh, well they might hav been enrolled in MMCA, u kno, that new place that unloving parents send their children...
Parent 1: ugh... *sigh* i thought i told my husband to stop reading those wierd ads in Creeper Monthly...
by poorGardenChild December 20, 2009
Top Definition
(made me chuckle) half the time when people say lol, it's either not funny or just a little funny in which makes you end up chuckling.
That joke the new guy said was corny mmc.
by A black dude in Hawaii July 12, 2011
An acronym (Mutual Manual Coitus) that refers to the act of two people (m/f, f/f, m/m, etc.) simultaneously masturbating each other.
You down for some MMC tonight?
by SouthernGrip69 May 23, 2010
a group of dope ass, pong playin, show goin, gym shorts wearin, whoop yer ass if you step out of line type o' niggas. Most notably is their uncanny skill to sink pong balls into red solo cups and kick yer ass off the table so quick yer dick will turn inside out and grow a clit. Come to an MMC party and yer guaranteed to get drunk because youre guaranteed to get kicked off the pong table no matter how "good" you think you are. Started off as a Diablo clan, now Fayetteville legends, "We can do 1 on 1, but if you win... yer fucked."
Guy 1: "DAMN! You said WHAT about WHO?! Be careful, you gon' end up dead! Dat nigga's MMC! AINT YOU KNOW?!"
by Rizzlenator August 24, 2010
(noun) Acronym for Mutha Mutha Crew. One of a kind group consisting of four badass guys & a badass chick. Originated in Panama City, Florida during spring break of 2010 and was founded in Lubbock, Texas at Texas Tech Univeristy. They are also well known in the Dallas, Texas area. This group is notorious for partying and drinking a lot of alcohol. They are adorded by many and have plenty of groupies.
The party was lame until the MMC showed up, and then everybody blacked out!
by p0811v August 24, 2010
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