A group of 8-12 year olds screaming about "Getting reked" and "360° Quickscopes" They also call you a hacker and tell you to 1v1 them if you kill them.
MLG Kid: "U wot m8? 1v1me faggot I'm MLG"
Online player: "Shut up already! You are probably an 8 year old. Just play the game."
by SiBorg February 07, 2015
Major League Gamers. They are people who love Doritos and Mountain Dew they also enjoy quickscoping everyone and often exploit games. People often get pissed at them and rage. They are also pretty much an elite group of hackers or gamers who love doge and will also say illuminati confirmed!!!!!
I, myself am not an MLG Gamer but I'm pretty good.
by MaDawgTT February 11, 2015
A term used in the Gaming community and abbreviation for Major League Gaming but often used as a gamer who has a high level of talent.
Kid 1: Wow this kid just got 21-0 on search and destroy

Kid 2: Ha he is MLG
by isponge xp April 17, 2010
Short for Major League Gaming, a place where the nerds of the world can become even bigger nerds.
Jim: I just became an MLG Pro!
Bob: And you wonder why you lost your girlfriend.
by RySwaggasaurus February 06, 2015
Acronym for "My Life is Gaming";
a term profusely used by 10 year old Xbox players, to show how 'amazing' they are at a very short lived and degraded game. Not to be confused with MLG, which is a term reserved for actually skilled players.
You "I just got a 2 KD ratio on MW2! I'm gonna go M.L.G!"
Friend "Everyone plays Black Ops now..."

PC Gamer (Still on CS:S and TF2)
by Professional Gamer October 30, 2010
The "Official" major league gaming circuit.

While MLG is well known, few outside of the Halo 2 community realize how much of a rift there is between MLG Halo 2, and real Halo 2.

MLG has watered Halo 2 down to bare bones, eliminating everything that used to be fun about it, and eliminating the need for teamwork or weapon control. It has been turned into a shoddy version of Halo 1, where the only weapon used is the Battle Rifle.

While cheating isn't prevelant as such, animation interupts are common, as are the button combinations that cause them, MLG claims that these require 'skill', just further proving that MLG has no regard for how the game was meant to be played.

The true skill at Halo 2, as opposed to being good with one gun, is shown in Matchmaking, where legitimate level is all about skill--MLG players would whine and call those people SMG Noobs, because of their preference to start out with an SMG--and where knowing not only how to control power weapons, but also how to kill them using more common weapons is of extreme importance when one starts with only an SMG.

Instead of having thought, MLG players prefer to turn Halo 2, quire possibly the most intensely thought based shooter that is played today into a twitch shooter

"MLG is like a bunch of hockey players, suddenly claiming that they are the proffesionals, and playing the game with everyone wielding a goalie stick."

by Bob Dole June 21, 2006
The worst group of people- they have no fuckin lives and they think they're the shit. No one likes them, they fucked up Halo 3 and they are faggots
wow i had 24 kills last game but we lost cuz A faggot was on the other team-MLG
by SCREWMLG May 05, 2009

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