Mega Lack of Girlfriend
Adult babies, cry a lot when they lose, live on their mother's basement, Drink Mountain Dew, Eat doritos, Sleep with a dakimakura AND ruin your gameplay experience on many games specially Halo.


Hapygamer: Yay we won!
MLG: lol what a noob could have 420 noscoped you any time
Hapygamer: Execuse me what?
MLG: 1v1 me faggot, i'll make you life a living hell. I have a 5.0 KD and give my own brain shocks so i have an enhaced reflex and i'll kick your ass the shit out of here. Your dead kiddo.
Hapygamer disconnected.
MLG: Lol hes got pissed, back to my dakimakura...
by Kekab January 12, 2015
Major League Gamers. They are people who love Doritos and Mountain Dew they also enjoy quickscoping everyone and often exploit games. People often get pissed at them and rage. They are also pretty much an elite group of hackers or gamers who love doge and will also say illuminati confirmed!!!!!
I, myself am not an MLG Gamer but I'm pretty good.
by MaDawgTT February 11, 2015
Acronym for Major League Gaming, contrary to what all you memers on 4chan and Reddit think- it does not revolve around trickshotting or quickscoping. Players do not drink Mountain Dew/eat Doritos every day nor do any of them smoke weed. Shrek is not a god and FaZe doesn't even have a good pro team. The pro COD players do not use the Intervention either. These stereotypes are good to use so you can pull out the newfags on the forum posts.

Billy: That's not how MLG actually is. :/
by Czncer June 11, 2015
Acronym for Major League Gaming. Often used in terms of parodying or mocking "Major League Gamers," or those who play games such as Call of Duty as a main means of profit. Seen frequently in MLG Montage Parodies.
Person A: Did you see that match between OpTiC and FaZe Clan today?

Person B: Why yes, indeed I did! I partake frequently in spectating MLG tourneys.
by A Man of Vast Vocabulary April 12, 2015
A term used in the Gaming community and abbreviation for Major League Gaming but often used as a gamer who has a high level of talent.
Kid 1: Wow this kid just got 21-0 on search and destroy

Kid 2: Ha he is MLG
by isponge xp April 17, 2010
A term you give yourself to make yourself feel better because you suck at life/video games/everything
Man, I'm so MLG at video games
by Potatosmileyface January 22, 2016
1: Major League Gaming, a gaming organization that hosts tournaments.
2: A remix of a video displaying many viral icons and sounds from memes and games aired by Major League Gaming, such as Doritos, Mountain Dew, 420, and dubstep.
3: Men Living Girlfriendless.
Dude, that guy crushed the other player in that MLG tournament!

That MLG montage parody gave me ear rape.

That poor MLG will never learn.
by April 14, 2016
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