When a man is so fat his nipples look like girls tits.

Mits=Man Tits
That guy is so fat his mits are bigger than my girlfriends tits!!!!
by T-Tunney May 14, 2014
Man tits.
Also known as moobs , mreasts and mipples.
Kyle:My mits are so big they make your moma's tiny!

Aaron:Fuck you
by T-Tunney May 14, 2014
Man tits
When Stacy went on her blind date she found her blind date had mits
by Gingersnap101 March 22, 2014
a movie that is sit; a sit movie
The Rainmaker is such a mit movie.
by Mark Beastham November 29, 2010
To masterbate or Jack off.
She totally blueballed me so I had to go home and M it.
by crobot July 12, 2005
the meaning for nice shoes
bill:hey bob u got some nice mits there bro
bob: why thank u...nice mits right back at you bill
by themitman August 27, 2011
Man Tits, comes from the crude mind of myself.
Hahhahah, look at the m-its on that guy!
by j varone December 13, 2004

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