When a man is so fat his nipples look like girls tits.

Mits=Man Tits
That guy is so fat his mits are bigger than my girlfriends tits!!!!
by T-Tunney May 14, 2014
Man tits.
Also known as moobs , mreasts and mipples.
Kyle:My mits are so big they make your moma's tiny!

Aaron:Fuck you
by T-Tunney May 14, 2014
When the majority of the female breast tissue, is composed of muscle.
Your mits look mighty fine in that sports bra.
by Rockhugger January 27, 2015
To masterbate or Jack off.
She totally blueballed me so I had to go home and M it.
by crobot July 12, 2005
the meaning for nice shoes
bill:hey bob u got some nice mits there bro
bob: why thank u...nice mits right back at you bill
by themitman August 27, 2011
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