Yet another institute of technology with students just as stuck up and snobby as their counterparts down the street. Most students here think they're too cool for Caltech, yet they wouldn't have the balls or honor to survive at Caltech. Oftentimes students will beat you up if you say Caltech is more hardcore (it is by the way) because they clearly have an inferiority complex. If you don't want to put up with elitist and feminist douchebaggery and if you have any honor, go to Caltech instead.
MIT Student: Caltech sucks man! You guys have like no party scene and you guys aren't as prestigious as we are.

Caltech Student: Woah you clearly have problems! We just handed out T-shirts and called you "That other institute of technology" as a form of legitimate free speech. You guys on the other hand responded by stealing our cannon, which is illegal and goes against the seventh commandment. We have a simple honor code while you guys need a sophisticated computer network, frat parties, and prestige just to feel safe and socially accepted. Have you any decency left?
by course18 September 23, 2006
Top Definition
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Prestigious and cool university in Boston with incredibly hot girls and a generally laid-back student body. These people are much cooler than the stuck-up bastards at my school in the other end of Cambridge...
Dude, let's check out the kick-ass frat parties at MIT tonight.

I'm going to cross-register at MIT to get away from you assholes.
by HarvardMan January 23, 2004
Best engineering school in the world, best pranks in the world, biggest tunnel system outside the Kremlin, heaven for all nerds and wanna-be nerds
MIT: love your beaver

I hate this fucking place
by Globber April 18, 2006
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
I attend school at MIT.
by Captain Awesome August 30, 2003
Made in Taiwan
Students at MIT
by sn July 14, 2003
acronym for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge MA. Refered to as "THE ONLY Institute of Technology"
"CalTech, because not everybody can get into MIT"
by Elsiee August 12, 2005
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. Where a poker team came from and screwed Las Vegas
3. Where I want to go
4. The laid back and better version of Ivy league schools.
5. My Idiot Teacher
1. MIT is near Boston
2. MIT's are fucking stupid.
by WTF January 10, 2005
1. Accronym for Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2. Bastardized accronym meaning Mom I Tried. Used to describe a local community college, or junior college.
I attended the local MIT to raise my grades, and get in a better school.
by Southpaw December 03, 2003
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