Chinese MILF.
Guy 1: Oh herro dis my mom
Guy 2: MIRF
by Aznpryde1123 November 13, 2008
Mom I'd Rather Fuck. When you see a mother and daughter and you would rather fuck the mom because she is far better looking than the daughter.
Guy 1: "Dude, that chick is bangin'!"
Guy 2: "Yeah but her mom is definitely a M.I.R.F."
by srfsk8snow9 April 03, 2010
A clumsy idividual, who usually lacks common sense, style, spacial awarness, motorskillz and hand eye coodination. (also refered to as a "pinner mirf")

Origin. first used by Sillicon Valley pot heads
"I cannot believe you just spilled my cremated grandma all over my mom's kzakistanian rug, you f$%@ing MIRF!"
by TONYBACON August 05, 2009
A MIRF is the exact opposite of a milf. While a milf is a mother that someone would like fuck( bang the shit out of) a mirf is a mother that someone would regret fucking( really bad pussy haha.)
juliets mom is fucking hot and is definetly a milf. but john's mom is a mirf. I totally regret fucking her, her pussy smelled like rotten fish and dam did she need to shave or what.
Mother I regularly fuck.
MIRF. Regularly.
by hokmojama May 04, 2010
mom i'd run from. any unnatractive single mother who's men who claim her kids or claim to know her.

Has an ugly used up pussy before age 20. Usually contains diseases and numerous infections are plentiful.

Usually attention starved, on dope and going nowhere in life. Also asthetically unfortunate.
Wow, look at that aardvark looking bitch. That's definitely a mom i'd run from.

That's a MIRF.
by smartmart December 04, 2008
Mother I Reckons Fugly :) Its not mother i would run from thats just stupid !
e.g Holy shit thats definatly a MIRF !

e.g Did that MIRF get hit by a train or a bus ?

by Bree & Jake - Nerds March 08, 2009
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