mother i would like to fuck "off" : opposite meaning to milf , an effective way to point out an ugly old minga
fuck me look at this milfo..................jog on sweetheart !!!!!
by ash the fingermaster December 28, 2009
Top Definition
Mother I'd Like to Fart On
I went to Bob's house and his mom made us chili for dinner. I had to get away to the can but she kept talking and talking until I just had to blast an air biscuit her way because she had become such a MILFO.
by PMax January 30, 2009
A Mother I'd Like To Fart On
Johns mum really pissed me off so I called her a MILFO
by Milkhead Blad February 15, 2009
Not to be confused with Milf, Milfo means Mother I'd Like To Fuck Off
My girlfriends mother keeps sticking her oar in, she's a total Milfo
by PKFlex October 16, 2007

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