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Mother I'd Like to Fart On
I went to Bob's house and his mom made us chili for dinner. I had to get away to the can but she kept talking and talking until I just had to blast an air biscuit her way because she had become such a MILFO.
by PMax January 30, 2009
mother i would like to fuck "off" : opposite meaning to milf , an effective way to point out an ugly old minga
fuck me look at this milfo..................jog on sweetheart !!!!!
by ash the fingermaster December 28, 2009
A Mother I'd Like To Fart On
Johns mum really pissed me off so I called her a MILFO
by Milkhead Blad February 15, 2009
Not to be confused with Milf, Milfo means Mother I'd Like To Fuck Off
My girlfriends mother keeps sticking her oar in, she's a total Milfo
by PKFlex October 16, 2007