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An acronym for Mind Fuck Texting. When you deliberately fuck with a girl's mind by sending her out of context text messages with the sole intent of getting into her pants even though you haven't spoken with her in a good two to three months.

MFTing can either be initiated, or reactionary, the former being the preferred methodology.
MFTing used in an initiating setting:
Me: "Hey Michelle! Which night this week are you going to make me dinner? I just want to know so that I can plan it out, I already have several other people making me dinner, so I don't want to cause any conflicts. Sorry I have been out of touch, my phone has been really weird lately ..."

Used in a reactionary setting:
Michelle: "Where have you been for the last two months - you never returned my call ..."
Me: "Oh yeah, my phone, it's just been ... weird"
by bosskmoves April 18, 2011