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Having inroduced 'FOBYAC' into to Urban Dictionary and wishing to retain somewhat of a theme, I now provide you with a second wonderful acronym, 'MFPOS'.

If, (when), used in open forum, calling someone a 'Mother Fucking Piece Of Shit' may provoke undue tension amongst those present, not least in the person towards whom 'MFPOS' has been directed, but again and with a degree of delight, once can openly verbally abuse a fellow human being, (perhaps one who is a complete tosser, whilst hiding securely behind the complete and total anonimity of these few choise letters........MFPOS!
Introduced subtly into every-day conversation, one may employ MFPOS in the following manner:

Covertly: "Excuse me, Sir, you're a MFPOS"
Enraged: "Oy, shithead, you're a MFPOS!!"
Questioning: "Tell me, are you a MFPOS?"
by Drofnas Trebor May 18, 2007
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