Magic Fucking Number.
The Maintenance Dept receives a call from production..

Production: This machine isn't working properly watch this.

The production operator hits a button and it starts magically fucking works.

Maintenance man: Another MFN.

Production operator: But this machine messed up 7 times.

Maintenance man: Oh, don't mind me, this is just another one of those cases where it runs right when you call me. 8th try's the c harm---talk about a magic fucking number.
by Simplistikk July 17, 2010
Short for "Motherfreakin'".

Pronounced letter-by-letter.
"Ugh, that MFN bitch killed me again!"
by MFNHO August 08, 2006
short for "mother fuckin"
John: that guy was an MFN bastard
Billy: your damn straight
by faasgszgda July 27, 2009
Def: Slang; mother fuckin

Background: Danish, what danes would label friends who covet thy neighbors mother, used boat salesmen
whoppity mf'n do

I gotta take a mf'n dump. BAD.
by Mateo Rosita Jones January 08, 2005
by UNDERPLOW October 18, 2010
A expression used instead of a typical curse word. Stands for "Mother F****** Nation" It is used to describe: People, places, events, etc... It can also be used as a verb. Originated at the Roger Williams University Campus in Bristol, RI.
"My electric bill is MFNing HIGH"
"MFN, I have to work"
"That man is MFNing me"
"The fact that two other definitions of this word exist is BIG MFN"
by Richard Williams April 22, 2007
Stands for Mother Fucking Newbie.
Bob: "Hey, how's the new guy working out?"
Phil: "Just like all the other MFNs we have around here!"
by PicPrison November 24, 2007

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