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"3 way" consisting of 2 males & a female
Ted & I double teamed a girl last night in a MFM
by spud February 28, 2005
342 97
Male Female Male. Refers to a woman getting action from to dudes at once. It's usually all about getting her off.
It was my Girl's Birthday, so my buddy and I gave her a little mfm action.
by bringyourfriend September 03, 2013
16 1
Mother Fucker Moment.. When you become incredibly angry at someone very quickly. Angry enough to kick someones ass over stupid or disrespectful behaviour.
Last night I had a mfm. I cannot belive he/she came out their face like that. they don't know, they were about to get their ass kicked!!!!!!!!!
by patpuss December 21, 2008
31 108
Acronym standing for "Men Fuck Milfs." 'Nuff said.
A: Damn, she's hot.
B: She's a mum.
A: Dude, MFM.
by Gohn Gardenza April 23, 2008
21 157