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MF101 is better than you. If you just got done banging out a 9 and call MF101 up, he's still banging a 10. If you got a promotion making 50k a year, MF101 just accepted a position making 55K a year. If you can run a 4.5 40, MF101 can run a 4.3 40. He's better than you at everything and you know it.
Guy: Last weekend at the track my 'Vette ran a 10.81 in the 1/4 mile!!

MF101: Man thats sweet, I was up there yesterday and ran a 10.75, I was so excited. What year is your 'Vette?

Guy: 2006

MF101: I've got a 2007, I love it
by General_Sline June 13, 2008
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MF1 kicks ass

*also used as* Well we hate you everywhere
by EskimoPimp October 11, 2003
3 10
MF101 Owns You. Kick ass radio network.
MF101 vs CSRadio. Mf101 plays better beats and tunes all night.
by HarryPothead February 08, 2003
2 9
The greatest online radio network...EVER!
What kinda fucked up tour is this?
by shizzle February 09, 2003
3 11
What kinda fucked up tour is this?!
omfg! wtf! fucking tours D:
by HugeOne February 09, 2003
4 13
I gotta fevah, and the only prescription is more MF101.
Needs more cowbell!!!1
by c. walken October 19, 2003
1 16
needs more cowbell
This fucking IPrelay needs more cowbell!!!
by backroom #1 Lights out October 18, 2003
2 19