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MF101 is better than you. If you just got done banging out a 9 and call MF101 up, he's still banging a 10. If you got a promotion making 50k a year, MF101 just accepted a position making 55K a year. If you can run a 4.5 40, MF101 can run a 4.3 40. He's better than you at everything and you know it.
Guy: Last weekend at the track my 'Vette ran a 10.81 in the 1/4 mile!!

MF101: Man thats sweet, I was up there yesterday and ran a 10.75, I was so excited. What year is your 'Vette?

Guy: 2006

MF101: I've got a 2007, I love it
by General_Sline June 13, 2008
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emm ess one oh one
MF1 kicks ass

*also used as* Well we hate you everywhere
by EskimoPimp October 11, 2003
MF101 Owns You. Kick ass radio network.
MF101 vs CSRadio. Mf101 plays better beats and tunes all night.
by HarryPothead February 08, 2003
The greatest online radio network...EVER!
What kinda fucked up tour is this?
by shizzle February 09, 2003
What kinda fucked up tour is this?!
omfg! wtf! fucking tours D:
by HugeOne February 09, 2003
I gotta fevah, and the only prescription is more MF101.
Needs more cowbell!!!1
by c. walken October 19, 2003
needs more cowbell
This fucking IPrelay needs more cowbell!!!
by backroom #1 Lights out October 18, 2003

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