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A good-looking, fashionable young man who pays special attention to style and taste who displays the levels of care and pride in their appearance which is usually associated with women; but who are not deemed to be homo-sexual and are secure in their masculinity.
TomKat,Bradanjolina are so metro-male.

by Finess May 17, 2008
a Modern male who's sexual inclination/orientation can not be defined by his dress sense, outer appearance or physical body. Previously, it was assumed that a man who makes a concerted effort to look after himself, go for beauty treatments, has the latest, trendiest fashionable clothing and hair-style and frequents gym, had to be 'gay' or homosexual - at first glance. Times are changing and even 'straight' or heterosexual. Men are becoming more conscious of their appearance. This developing subculture influences the way we look at the modern man, but confuses the general 'gay-dar' ("The ability/gift of being able to detect homosexuality in other people")One has to be careful not to assume that a good-looking, well-groomed male is 'gay' or homosexual.
That man has the perfect body, great dress sense and always looks perfect. He must be gay, or maybe he's a metromale.
a Well known Latino pop-singer from Puerto Rico is a perfect example of the 'metro-male' no one except himself is absolutely certain for which team he plays.
by Emvee October 26, 2007
“Metro-Male” (A concept that labels a tag to feminine males) are known to carry man-bags, hand lotion, get facials and also get their nails did; but not be deemed a homo-sexual
TomKat,Bradanjolina are so metro-male.
by leebeezie May 20, 2006
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