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The word Mehh! Is one of 19 words that a Meerkat uses in his/her everday language.
Example sentence: Mehh! Mehny Meh meh menhy meeeh!!
translates to: Me! I want a grub worm for dinner! Duh!
by meerkat_lover November 23, 2007
3 5
depending on the tone of voice used...usually used when you are really excited about something and you can't find the words to express yourself, use a high-pitched "meh." When you are angry or just feeling "meh," use a deep and weird sounding "meh." Or, when you just want to creep people out, say "meh" anyway you want, just say it really loud...and it's better when they aren't expecting it and you creep up behind them. then laugh really annoyingly.
MEHH!! HAHAHAHA hehehehe
by spliffanytiffanyblunt May 18, 2009
12 22
The meaning of the word 'Mehh' depends of the present situation.
by Daneall June 11, 2009
8 20
a word the replaces a adjective, noun, or verb.
the ultimate word
i found mehh in the mehh with the mehh as she was mehh.
by bexkatie September 25, 2006
35 55