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A term used to describe pedophilia by pedophiles.
Ian Watkins (former lostprophets frontman): ""I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about. It was MEGALOLZ!"
by fantastique December 18, 2013
a joke that originated from the punktastic forum
was then used on lostprophets tee shirts and punktastic tees.
only about 1/7th of people wearing the lp MEGA LOLZ!!!! tee get the joke.
by drunkgay May 30, 2007
when something is so funny, u have 2 add a mega in front of it. similar to lmfao, but something funnier
wow u just fell on ur ass, MEGA LOLZ !!
by jnkjnfg October 08, 2007
herd orientated phrase derived from internet based social media to signify a moment of hilarity/cringeworthiness or as an act of attention seeking behaviour often cited in modern life.

this is often delivered in a group of people or anonymous internet forum so as to gain acceptance from that group (normally referencing another's shortcomings - usually someone not present or accepted in the group).

seen as a witty line of agreement or base of acceptance within your peers. normally delivered by people with low self esteem, or limited strength of character to form independent thought processes.
"OMG, megalolz!"

"and he fell over in front of everyone...megalolz"

"she's so lame she cried in front of him...megalolz

totes, epic fail"
by Dr Sam-lol Johnson February 22, 2012
Usually use via instant messengers (MSN, AIM, etc..)
Its far funnier than your regular "lol"
Oh my god! She is so stupid! MEGALOLZ!
by Minemini June 20, 2008
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