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MDK, a term commonly used in the RAF to shorten 'Murder Death Kill'. Used in a jokingly way to describe a gorey end.
1. Whoa, he flew straight into a wall. Much MDK!
2. Zoom swish boom <MDK!!!>
by Dan0kun August 09, 2005
When you're extremely frustrated with something or someone and you need to express the frustration calmly without arousing suspicion. MDK! Murder, Death, Kill
"Oh my word, i just got an error after waiting an hour for my video to upload! - MDK!!!"
by angel pie May 30, 2015
An abbreviation, it means mom doesn't know
Bff 1:are you sure we can get away with this ?

Bff 2: yeah, mdk much.
by woopwoop234 December 20, 2014
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