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Mcr5 is a term for the 'album' or idea that lead singer of the former band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, announced in an interview. Shortly after this interview Gerard posted a letter on the website announcing the bands break up. Gerard had called MCR5 his 'project'. MCR5 is a small sliver of hope at My Chemical Romances return. This album has yet to be released and may never be let out/made. This is often a joke talked about by the loyal fan base of My Chemical Romance, the killjoys or MCRmy.
Killjoy 1: Wow talking about MCR5 makes me so sad. I really miss My Chemical Romance.

Killjoy 2: Me too. I hope someday it comes out.

Killjoy 1: *sighs*
by Just Another Killjoy December 29, 2013

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