Top Definition
Really dope, underrated MC
born in Englang during WWII,
suffers on ALS , which forces him to roll with a wheelchair with 24' Spinners.
Isn´t able to speak, but his lyrics are Milestones in history of rap.
My Favorites :
F*ck the Creationists´
The Mighty Stephen Hawking
All My Shootin's Be Drivebys
Then up ahead cold chilling in the street,
six motherfuckers from MIT.
I flick off the safety, check my grip,
and load a dum-dum clip.
I glance at the Doom to make sure he's packed,
his fingers on the trigger of his baby Mac.
Time to give a Newtonian demonstration,
of a bullet its mass and its acceleration.
by KJ February 16, 2005
Stephen Hawking is his ownage on. Raps like a motherfucker and definitley raps better than Eminem and all those other fuckers excluding Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz
Those dumb-ass bitches...every time I think of them my trigger finger itches
by James Lowe September 06, 2004
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