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Noun. MBLAQ is a South Korean boy band consisting of five members: SeungHo, G.O, Lee Joon, ChunDoong (Thunder), and Mir. It was produced by Rain, a popular k-pop star, and debuted in 2009. Its fanclub is officially named A+, because all five members have blood type A.

MBLAQ is referred to as 'chic' idols, but they have formed a new image of themselves as village idiots.

MBLAQ is featured in numerous variety and reality shows, among them 'Idol Show', 'Art of Seduction', 'Coco & Marc 2', 'Star Golden Bell', etc.

They maintain a different image from other similar idol groups by emphasizing honesty and friendliness, and have become favorites on variety television since their debut.
Fan 1: I love BEAST and U-Kiss!
Fan 2: I love MBLAQ more because they're entertaining and know how to make people laugh.
by mysteryohyeah June 24, 2010