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Married But Looking; abbreviation for phrase commonly used in 'singles' adds; indicates person is looking to 'hook-up' with no strings, no commitment
in a newspaper add:

MWM, MBL just for fun,...
(translate: Married White Male, Married But Looking)
by the momma December 23, 2008
Moody Bastard Local - Term used to portray arrogant and antagonistic neighbours whose sole principle in life is to complain, criticize and grumble about anything and everything that goes on in the neighbourhood.
Joey: Why is Bob, the nosey twat looking over at us for?

Brian: Probably nothing, he's just a Moody Bastard Local (MBL)
by SpinneyMBL May 30, 2008
Much baller love. Just another way of saying goodbye. (may contain some type of hidden queer message...) The exact origin of this word is still unknown. Some say the word has derived from the Great Minnesota, where the Baller's go out and play. Some say it was created by God, because he was finding his sex life pretty boring, ever since he condemned homosexuality.
Two gangbangstas having a conversation over a game of Friday night G-ball:

Jake: "Yo, Tony, you down to give head tomorrow?"
Tony: "Hells yeah. 10 'oclock my place?"
Jake: "Sounds good, yo. 'Ight, man. Mbl"
Tony: "Mbl"

The two men left without taking notice to Lil' Jimmy who was sitting on the bleachers at the time, that had overheard their intimate little rendezvous, and was planning on showing up at Tony's house to see what his big bro was doing every Saturday night at 10 'oclock.
by Motocrosschick05 October 26, 2007
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