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Muddy Bum Crack
An act performed by a group of roudy rugby players, in which they victimise a birthday boy, by tackling him to the ground and restraining him, whilst others take clumps of mud and shove it up his butt.
Defensive line: hold, ready, MBC
Birthday boy: arrgh noooo, let go, get out my ass.
by Bryan manderson April 15, 2008
May Be Criminals
The bunch of M.B.C's hanging by that street corner makes me nervous to wanna go out there.
by Nana GQ October 02, 2008
Massasecum Board Crew

A group of ill nasty thugs, located in the ghetto of Bradford, NH, proud owners of lake massasecum, and hell bent on wakeboarding all year round.
Shredding Gnar Like Paul Krebs All Year Round.

Chris Bish founder of MBC.
Ian Nevins dedicated dancing irish leprauchaun of MBC.

by Peter Arnold August 03, 2006
Menstrual Blood Chunks; bloody, messy chunks of digusting shit that excrete from a girl on her period. MBC, a great nickname for someone who does the below.
Charlie's drunk ass didn't realize for about 3 hrs that his face was covered in MBCs(Menstrual Blood Chunks) from his previous rondevou with his ex girlfriend. Somehow he didn't know that the bitch was on her period and he still gave her head.
by mattman February 12, 2005
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