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Acronym for "My Balls Are Growing." Used to describe feelings of swelling pride upon a great success, epic achievement, or otherwise awesome act. Also may be used to describe an incident in which ones balls might actually be growing, in which case medical help should be sought immediately.
Dude, did you see me picking up that chick? MBAG!
by mdgw August 29, 2010
sticking M&M's up your balls for sexual pleasure, then letting your partner eat them off.
" Damn, she M Bagged me GOOD last night"
by lizard100 July 19, 2008
A scrotum with a letter M on it. Usually seen on extremely fucked up mario queers.
Guy: *fucks Girl hard*

Girl: *moans*

Guy: *jizzes in Girl's pussy*

Girl: *looks at Guy's M bag* Omg, I had sex with a fucking nerd!

Guy: Oh shit! *teleports away like a...wierd...person?*

Girl: What the fuck?
by Sn-OOOOOH! March 11, 2010
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