Moody Bitch with Attitude or Moody Bastard with Attitude, especially one who thinks she or he is superior for having an MBA degree.
Have you met the new boss? She's an MBA.
by Jiffer April 09, 2011
Abbreviation for MacBook Air. Not intended to designing for Master of Business Administration students, but some of them use it.
If you want an MBA, get a MacBook Air.
by Marevolution September 30, 2009
Masterbating Bussiness of Asswipes
Eric:"Hi! I work at the MBA..Would you like to join me?"
Me:*Slames door in face and closes all blinds* o.o;
by Sierra D< September 30, 2007
Making Babies in America - strategic child birth by international students who spend two years in the US while acquiring their Masters in Business Adminstration.
Pedro's wife just got her MBA. It's a baby boy that weighs 8 lbs and looks just like his mother!
by G Singh November 30, 2003
Mamma's Boys Academy

A suspiciously all-boys school with a sissy Headmaster in Nashville Tennessee where all of the students think that their shit doesn't stink because they can afford to wipe their butts with fifty dollar bills.
Sister school to Harpeth Hall.
Those MBA boys love to play with themselves,and it is just not cricket.
by ambercutie March 01, 2005
Extreme homosexual. Continuously likes to take it up the butt in a gay manner with nothing but smiles. Enjoys holding hands with guys and frolicking.
MBA Guy 1: Do you want to have butt sex.
MBA Guy 2: Yes.
by Iron Man April 14, 2005
My Boobs Are Shaking. This is a substitute for lol that can be used by girls whose laughter is so grandiose that it causes their boobs to shake. This is especially common in large chested women with great senses of humor.
I am laughing so hard MBAS.
by Xamish May 25, 2015

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