A remix of the MAX series (max 300, maxx unlimited, and the legend of MAX.) Not possible to do with feet, mixed by DJ slash. I passed it on 1.5 with dizzy on, and got a B. Can you?
MaxX Extermination? That's not a REAL song...

13 feet? WHAT?

I pissed my pants trying MaxX Extermination on the mat...
by Evil Fish April 21, 2004
Top Definition
The song that is faster than "The Legend of Max" The artist of this song is XXZZ#@*^...(Naoki). It runs at 350 BPM, is the fatest song of all the DDR songs. Is a remix of "MAXX UNLIMITED" song in DDR MAX2. Is VERY HARD to beat in Standard and Heavy modes, because this the song is not available in any DDR arcades versions.
Light Mode: 8 feet
Standard Mode: 10 feet
Heavy Mode: 13 feet(whaaaat?!!!)
by Samurai Katsu October 29, 2003
A bullshit song that only exist in the minds of the DDR freaks of the world, But what the hell....I'm one of them.
People say they've heard or played it but it's just another fan fiction.
by Todd November 29, 2003
A song that is easy to imagine if you know what to expect.
Although I never heard MAXX EXTERMINATION, I can sense it.
by Zach G. January 02, 2004
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