Male Answer Syndrome - All men have this to varying degrees. Some will talk about what the government out to do to get out of debt with some big words, and other stuff which only sounds smart. When in reality, this said guy can't even balance his own check book. Most men feel the need (and act on it) to sound smart (and are often covincing, espcially to women who usually "respect what a man says" or they just play dumb and let him yap sounding mystied the whole time).
MAS afflicted male1: Yah see, torque is the square tangent of the physics of when the tire pressure is uh... galvenized.
Listener1: Ohhh. Wow.
Listener2: (thinks: w/e, this guy is such an idiot).
by Agilio October 24, 2005
Top Definition
Mildly Amused Smirk. Because how many people actually LOL at the internet? Think about it.
I saw a man fall off the roof. MAS
by Frumy October 10, 2008
Mammary Alienation Syndrome. Horrible malady afflicting children that have been breastfed by a wet nurse.
Though it seemed like Terets, her child was actually suffering from M.A.S.
by bjacobs27 May 11, 2010
Spanish: more, or very
This is mas cool. - This is very cool.

Dude, mas cheese on these nachos. - More cheese on these nachos.
by DistalBraker January 07, 2005
Short for Masturbation.
ie Dude, if you dont have your laptop for porn, what are you going to Mas over?
ie Dude, if you dont have your laptop for porn, what are you going to Mas over?
by 3842Crew October 21, 2009
Acronym. Stands for Male Answer Syndrome. (Pronounced - MASS) Used to describe a male know-it-all who doesn't really know-it-all. Not necessarily a complete idiot, but someone who tends to dish out inaccurate information on a regular basis - but with complete confidence and a touch of arrogance. Usually provides this information without invitation or provocation. A Cliff Clavin if you will.
Sandy and I were discussing the new guidelines, and John -in typical MAS fashion, chimed-in with his unsolicited anecdotes.

by RouxDog June 10, 2008
M= making
a= a
s= sandwich
I bet dallas is Mas right now...
by Kylende14 May 03, 2007
Middle-Age Shred
A group of born-again skateboarders who typically skated in the late 70s / early 80s and then rediscovered their passion in their forties. A form of mid-life crisis!
John always dreamed of getting on a skateboard again and when he discovered MAS he knew he was amongst friends who would understand.
by Eyesi July 31, 2008
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