Male Answer Syndrome - All men have this to varying degrees. Some will talk about what the government out to do to get out of debt with some big words, and other stuff which only sounds smart. When in reality, this said guy can't even balance his own check book. Most men feel the need (and act on it) to sound smart (and are often covincing, espcially to women who usually "respect what a man says" or they just play dumb and let him yap sounding mystied the whole time).
MAS afflicted male1: Yah see, torque is the square tangent of the physics of when the tire pressure is uh... galvenized.
Listener1: Ohhh. Wow.
Listener2: (thinks: w/e, this guy is such an idiot).
by Agilio October 24, 2005
Acronym: Mutually Assured Sodomization

Sodomiztion does not necessarily mean ass raping, but it can. It might mean getting fucked up as in messed with
He trashed my car so I raped his house. Now where on a MAS type of relationship
by defiler April 12, 2004
Mas as "mas" from the word "emas" is the Indonesian word for "gold". Mas with a capital M literally means "young man" in Indonesian.
Selamat siang, Mas! -> Hello Sir! (like greeting the waiter in a restaurant)

by Indo86 April 22, 2008
An acronym for "mildly amused smirk," instead of the, often misused "lol" because the majority of the time people use "lol" they hardly ever LITERALLY laugh out loud.
TEXT: that's pretty funny, David. MAS.
by Anjimeow May 16, 2016
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Is it me, or is the MAS down?
Mac App Store.
That's not in the Urban Dictionary.
It is now.
by Mousie_One June 19, 2016
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