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1)(when in all caps) A solo performer originally from Morgantown, WV now residing in Baltimore, MD, who uses a laptop computer in conjunction with guitar, vocals, and experimental noise in his performances with occasional bouts of story telling and performance art.

2)Someone who's given name is Mark and who's chosen profession is in the field of Architecture or Landscape Architecture.
1) Did you see MARKITECT last night? Man he's a pretty awesome performer.

2) My friend Mark is studying Landscape Architecture, I guess one day he'll be a Markitect
by M. Lewis Miller February 19, 2008
A marketing professional who builds on-line environments to promote a business, brand, personality, industry or idea.
Whoever built the Coca-Cola Facebook page is a great markitect!
by SociallySteve November 29, 2013
An architect who is also involved with marketing efforts to attract new clients.
He/she is a "markitect" because he/she won the project and designed it, too.
by Forrest McMullen April 20, 2008
the usual term for a slacker or someone who decides to skip classes and drop out, usualy used at the University of Hartford
That kid over there is such a markitect he should just drop out without wasting his parents money.
by Leanne S. October 11, 2006
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