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ManBag is a character in the game "Combat Arms" made my Nexon.
Player1: O SNAP SON. This kid ManBag is good.
Player2: *gets headshotted* Yeeeeee boii, he's decent.
by EvLjaT September 21, 2008
A manbag is a scrotum.
Good God! My manbag is really itchy!
by GingerNeil May 31, 2006
A bag some men think is stylish. It is sort of like a girls messenger bag, only with a shorter strap. Often, men wear it while going to work. Most men find it sylish to ride their bikes to work with their manbags. These men are usually of the gay orintation.
Tommy thought his manbag was very attractive.
by Ashlayy August 14, 2007
n. Testicles
"Oh man, I gotta go empty my manbag."
by Murph February 19, 2004
A friends boyfriend who hangs around with her all the time. So called because he is indispensable (to her), always there, and hangs on her arm, like a handbag.
"Who's that?"

"Thats Matt, he's Amy's manbag"
by Fruitloop January 09, 2005
a small cluth purse, used by males of indeterminate sexuality
He left his MANBAG behind the bar while he danced with his boyfriend
by GB October 15, 2003
A purse with a strap worn by a man, often carried by someone who is a metrosexual
Steve forgot his manbag with all his credit cards and personal belongings.
by APatcher February 20, 2004