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A Term for all of the undocumented workers of america, doing the actual work that americans will not do any more
Lazy American #1: damn, you mean we have to actually hammer nails today
Lazy american #2: no we will just cruise on down to the local 7-11 and pick up 3-4 "manuel labors". they will do the work, we will get most of the money.

lazy american #1: thank god. you had me worried for a second
by the a.h. April 06, 2004
Physical labor performed by an illegal alien.
I don't care who didn't show up for work I ain't gonna dig that there ditch. What do you think my name is anyhow? I don't do no Manuel labor.
by Jason Lennard May 25, 2006
A derogatory term that is used to discribe a Mexican person.
Hey that manuel labor just crossed the Rio Grande!
by 9 March 10, 2004
to satisfy oneself via masturbation.
My wife wanted to have sex tonight, but I told her I was all about manuel labor this evening.
by donkey puncher February 06, 2004
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