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MANFAST (all caps) is an annual competitive event that takes place in SE Michigan in mid-July.

Competitors participate in various MANLY feats to assert their male dominance by lifting up trees, crashing into each other at full speed and determining who can eat a pound of bacon the quickest.

The winner of the contest is determines by the top three contestants from the previous year and is awarded with a gift and a breakfast including (though not limited to) bacon, sausage, bacon and bacon.

It is not mandatory that you be a male to compete. Several women have entered the competition and some of those women have cracked the top three.

It is also not uncommon for participants to attend dressed as something manly (Chuck Norris, Danny Trejo, Black Dynamite, The Bearjew, etc...)

In the end, MANFAST is the greatest way to assert your dominance over the herd.
I plan on attending MANFAST this year. Bring the bacon and beer...we have work to do.
by Slogo May 29, 2012
one who abstains from a man. she or he rejects a man, and all of his principles and therefore is on a manfast.
Jessica: what did you give up for Lent?
Sara: Men. I'm on a manfast.
by Jessica55555 March 28, 2007
A break from dating men
"My last date was so lame. I'm on a man-fast."
by tybarker March 05, 2007
A "one man at a time" woman leaving the dating game after a particularly bad break up, and rejecting all contact with the male species. Binging and purging doesn't count. Also known as "solo lesbo" or "no man's land".
I dumped John last week after I caught him sleeping with his old girl friend, and now I am on a "man fast".
by takenbysurprise September 30, 2011
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