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When a person has the characteristics of a man, or a fish, or even possibly both. It can be used in many cases, such as describing an ugly girlfriend.
person #1- Dude, i cant tell if corys gf looks like a man or a fish.

person #2- i cant tell either. i think she looks like both.

person #1- ok, we'll call her manfish then.

person #2- ok. sounds good to me dude.

Person #1- *walks past corys gf* *cough* manfish *cough*
by wootwootdoodleydootbiatch July 09, 2010
Noun; That anatomical area found on a man located between the sphincter of the anus and the posterior portion of the scrotum characterized by the elevated subdural tubular shape formed by the urethra.

Coined by Ratface Holtzman circa 1990
"He smashed his manfish when he slid off the bike seat and landed on the bar."
by Mike G December 17, 2006
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