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Acronym for Mister Angry Face. Frequents the forums at and is a ruthless motherfucker.
MAF dissed me so I cried.
by Foody January 12, 2005
102 47
MAF is an abreviated version of Mad As Fuck
Woah, that guy is MAF seriously he's mad as fuck!
by Hydatikz-Danny June 18, 2011
34 16
Pronunciation: (mäf)

1. of or relating to the elemental practices of counting or measuring.
Someone may say: Yo, I can't hang cuz I got to do my maf homework.

see: Mafamotician
by JagDaug January 29, 2005
51 36
A subject in school dealing with numbers, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication
That kid is so dumb, he failed maf class twice.
by TomSellecksmustache January 24, 2010
18 7
Mother fucker, popularized by J-Roc on Trailer Park Boys.
Yo, Ray went down since his trailer burnt down that maf needs these groceries.

Let's go maf I'll murk yo ass.
by Cameron Froats September 16, 2008
32 24
Correct spelling of the word 'Maths'.
2 + 2 = 4 is Mafs

2 + 2 = 5 is Maths
by Sandeep90 January 15, 2010
10 3
When the chav phrase 'Mean as f*ck' does not emphasise enough how 'mean' it is. Or when you're being lazy and saying 3 words seems too much effort.
*Chav voice*

Chav 1 "Av ya seen dat new tracky in Sportsworld?"

Chav 2 "Yeah its M.A.F"
by Lol@uguyzzz June 18, 2011
3 1