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Multisensory Aesthetic Experice, A band from Virginia with 5 members. They are emo-ish and very talented.
MAE is one of my favorite bands.
by Dayyum March 23, 2006
178 143
The most awesome person you know. Not a band, but a very striking individual. Usually good in bed.
Dude, I think I'm in love with Mae.
by sabra_mae February 02, 2010
479 193
A very special woman who can make reality better than dreams, and make you feel alive again.
She's my everything
by Mangangso July 20, 2011
200 62
mae is a costarrican word for dud, man or yo
mae,mae stop that!!!

what is up mae ?
by gerardo sanchez February 28, 2007
336 204
A beautiful sweet and intelligent girl. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Just don't try to run her over because once you do it's over. She is very confident. Has a wonderful smile and the most amazing laugh. She will surely brighten up your day. Although she may get sad sometimes she always looks toward the future. The bigger picture. She is amazing.
Mae brightens the day!
by Lala Land September 17, 2012
158 39
Most beautiful girl to ever exist. Fun, Happy, and Easy going. very easy to get along with. Funny, a good kisser. BIG BOOBS
Damn that Mae girl has big boobs!

Mae is so pretty i wish i was her.
by SeniorPompii May 27, 2011
158 51
In Costa Rica, used informally as a term of address or to refer to a person regardless of sex.
¿Qué, mae, pura vida?
Hey, dude, what's up?

¿Vos viste a ese mae?
Did you see that guy?
by Dxniela June 22, 2007
253 149
The greatest band to ever rock the earth. Hailing from Virginia.
I went to a concert last night, and Mae rocked harder than you.
by Kate September 18, 2003
326 259