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An acronym meaning "Mother I'd Most Likely Give It To" to replace the extremely over-used,played out and vulgar M.I.L.F

Pronounced Mim-el-get
From the timeless classic "The M.I.M.L.G.I.T Song" written and performed by John Butor and Jerry Hughes


It started off at Cedar Point
Where we packed some bowls and rolled some joints
I looked off in the distance and could not believe what id seen
It was a M.I.M.L.G.I.T. looking back at me

She was a M.I.M.L.G.I.T. (she's a m.i.m.l.g.i.t)

ohhh she was a M.I.M.L.G.I.T (she's a m.i.m.l.g.i.t)

Verse 2
One year later, I took a trip to China
On a mission to find some sideways vagina
I stepped off the plane and what did i see
but a M.I.M.L.G.I.T. who was winking at me


I don't care if she's poor, I don't care if she's rich
I only want her to do back flips on my dick
the older the berry the sweeter juice
if you saw that woman you'd feel like i do

by Richard Fuckingham April 22, 2011
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