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Deriving from M.I.L.F , M.I.L.R(prononced like the best beer ever mil-ler) means mother id like to report,either to CPS or gossip about for her unmotherly behavior. You see M.I.L.R at the club on a Monday night at two o clock in the morning black out drunk and wandering aimlessly.You may also visit her at her house and want to throw up because of the funky stinch of her house everything is unwashed out of order and dusty the baby has ravioli stains on its clothes and face.The M.I.L.R always buys things for herself and rarely spends on her child.
GIRL1:hey did you see Gina fall down last night at the club..she should have stayed home with her kid instead of wasting 100 bucks on booze. GIRL2:i know its makes me mad she is a M.I.L.R
by missbsexi August 06, 2009
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by TJ H. January 27, 2009
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Damn, did you see that milr?
by AlpineCoastal February 27, 2010
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