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Malicious Female Pig
"Bro, that lady at the DMV is such a M.F.P!"
by Evenor November 16, 2006
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Acronym for Motha' Fucking Princess.
Yeah, you better watch out for her, she's the MFP.
by phoebesweetpea July 27, 2011
Middle Finger Paranoia: when a person's always suspecting people of flipping him off.
(A guy in a car waves to Ross to let him cut in front on the highway.)
Ross: Did you see that?!? That assturd just flipped me off!
Josh: No he didn't, you blind fuck. You got some serious MFP.
by TheRatDude February 13, 2009
More Food Please!
Hey, MFP!
by XGR Michael December 09, 2008
Multi-fandom post. When a post has material (icons, drawings, speculations) relating to multiple fandoms, and you are being linked to the post from a site concerned with just one of the fandoms, "MFP" is added to the link to let you know you're getting a whole bunch of random crap too.
hp_luvr_27 has a nice 'shop of Harry/Draco up here link (MFP)
by hp_luvr_28 August 20, 2008
Major Fucking Problem
Bob deleted all the files on the server... again!. That's an M.F.P. and a C.L.M. (Career Limiting Move)
by Ad ministrator July 30, 2007
mother fucking princesses, the bitches at school who form a click where everything revolves around them, they are usually really unattractive and the think they are hot shit. They are typically spoiled and wealthy.
"I hate the MFPs. They walk around campus like they own everything, but they are all lame."
by hellen818 May 15, 2009

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