An alternative form of writing "meow", similar to the sound a cat supposedly makes. The term is usually spelled this way for a pinch of "cuteness" to any sentence - usually online.
I'm going to be a kitty today! "Miao~"
by Haruhi April 19, 2008
The sound an Italian cat makes opposed to " meow".
and the Italian spelling of it.
A Dutch cat says "miauw”
a English cat says “meow”
a French cat says “miaou”
a Greek cat says

a Korean cat says “yaong” or “nyaong”
a Norwegian cat says “mjau”
Spanish and Latina cats say “miau”
and an Italian cat says "miao".
by Jactan April 28, 2015
Pronounced mee-aow. A MIAO is a Mom I'd Approve Of. It is a socially acceptable way for a girlfriend or female friend to tell a guy that an older woman is bang worthy. It can be used in place of the word MILF.
Josh: OMFG did you see brian's mom at the pool yesterday? damn she is looking good!

Jenn: Indeed. She is totally a MIAO. I'd tap that.

Josh: Fact.
by Teriyakilord November 28, 2009
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