a firecracker that kicks ass. until some dumbass kids blew their fingers off, now they're illegal. thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, dumbasses
m-80's are fun to blow up dog poo with
by cream of sumyungay September 11, 2005
A firework that contains about 3 grams of pyrotechnic powder. Most M-80s are actually pieces of crap that contain tiny amounts of powder compared to genuine M-80s (firecrackers are called M-##, where ## corresponds to the amount of powder it has in grams). Illegal since 1966.
Real M-80s were so strong that the military used them to simulate grenade explosions.
by The Mr Needles Experience September 27, 2007
people for whatever reason, consider m80's to be "fireworks" or "firecrackers". but dynomite is an explosive, and whats an m80? quarter stick of dynomite!!

they don't make big colorful sparks in the sky, nor small colorful sparks on the ground/partially in the air. no,the soul purpose is to literally blow something up with an m80. a solid object, not just blown of for the hell of it. make sense? stupid? idk. idc. it's just my point.
m80. there's the freaking example.
by y2c July 04, 2011
M-80s were invented by the military long ago to simulate grenade explosions during training missions. Soon they became extremely popular with the public, and were sold as large firecrackers. legal firecrackers may only have 50 miligrams in them, but M-80s have about 3 grams each, making them incredibly dangerous and capable of blowing up an entire hand.
"Dude, I just crammed an M-80 in some guy's mailbox, and it blew up so badly."
by The Bass Of Spades May 25, 2006
A big ass illegal firecracker/quarter stick of dynamite.Used by the army as simulation grenades for training, but some ordinary people wanted them to play with so they stared selling them at stores, until people started blowing there hands off. Now there illegal.
"Could easily blow up an ordinary mail box, but dont do that cuz that is a very big federal offense."
by zack--~KAZ~-- July 06, 2005
Not as cool as taking seran wrap pouring gun powder inside and wrapping it nice and tight with electrical tape, poking a hole in with a nail and sticking a fuse down so it touches the gun powder.
That Shit go MORE boom!!!
by sloppycory August 12, 2005
A step up from a cherry bomb but not nearly as cool as a co2
I threw an M-80 at that preppie and blew his leg open
by cotton hill(killed 50 men) March 21, 2003

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