I can confirm that M@W definitely is super sexy and has a huge pecker
I would liken M@W's pecker to the trunk of a Canadian redwood
by Sassy Sara July 22, 2004
Top Definition
Global Mod @ suprnovaforums.com
If you are a global mod at SNF called M@W then it is rather obvious that you are highly intelligent, super sexy & have a huge pecker.
by M@W July 20, 2004
the antiquity of this word dates back all the way back...waaay back to the era when the young and tight crustations were forming into the alien robots which took the divinely noun-heavy novels from the future and burned them so that they and their family friends whom kill devoid of compunction can enjoy the fine eats at Maggie's on 42nd.
I hope the bogus futility of M@W ontology will save us from the lava.
by Bob Dobbs July 31, 2004
m@w is a wannabe KillerG
Chaged his name due to the hatred of his other name.
No where near as good as KillerG
But a great guy all the same
m@w is a great MOD, but KillerG PWNZ him.
by KillerG July 21, 2004
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