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another word for okay

were going to the movies,ok? M'Kay!, when
by ktmhstar December 06, 2005
78 40
Made popular by Mr. Mackey on the Comedy Central show South Park. Said after every sentence. Used in Place of ok.
I want you boys to settle down, Mkay?
by Gilby January 02, 2006
697 89
Another word for o.k.(okay)
M'kay class, can you all please stay seated, m'kay?
by Anthony April 24, 2003
703 123
Saying okay South Park style.
(came from Mr. Maki, m'kay?*lol)
1) I'm gonna go kill myself...m'kay?
2) South Park is the shizzle...m'kay?
by Skittles! May 24, 2005
507 197
A word commonly used by guidance’s councilor Mr. Macky from South Park that refers to okay..

On another note m'kay might be linked to the creators of South Park - Matt Stone / Trey Parker and there love of K / Ketamine

Drugs are bad m'kay.....
by chuckthefuk January 19, 2006
363 101
It's used on the popular television show South Park by Mr. Mackey (not Garrison) in place of certain obscenities.
"Step 4: Dont say fuck any more because fuck is the worst word that you can say, So just use the word m'kay!" - Mr. Mackey

by SpaceCowboy June 09, 2006
194 38
Another way of saying Okay.
Billybob:Mkay, today class we will learn about skull fucking mkay
by L2L1 March 27, 2005
309 160
You all miss the point. mkay, as in the South Park satire, was used by a smug, patronising teacher who says it after a lesson in a tone of fake understanding and empathy with his listeners. Nobody would use it as a substitute for 'okay' except tongue-in-cheek, mkay?
by mmmmkay9 August 23, 2008
208 111