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An "M DOT" is a nick name for a crazy, tough, risk taking person. It's a way to describe someone in a fierce and violent way.
Yo, that dude right there is M Dot, you don't wanna get it poppin with him ...
by D MARVEL0USS July 18, 2008
7 5
a colloquialism often used as a stage pseudonym for short, squatty, half jewish rappers. subject to various changes, e.g. mdizzle, mdottie2hottie, etc.
Person 1: Wow, did you see that gentlemen lay down those phatty fresh rhymes atop that stage over yonder?

Person 2: Yessir I did. I believe he goes by mdot, but I have also heard him referred to as mdottie2hottie.
by igotyou May 08, 2005
1 11