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a moderatly strange girl with a facination for happy meal toys.

godbless the poor demented thing.
I luv Rakishi...... oops i mean rafiki
by Christafish November 27, 2003
hey this is lyzette an i just wanna clarify that i am not a stalker (that was in an american accent by the way)!!!
ya i no i aint no stalker!!
(much) lol
by lyzette hi there December 05, 2003
also known as lynette by sully, lyks 2 sit off in bathrooms n kitchens and lyks 2 stair surf. luv ya definition christafish too true!!!
lynette r yo in that bathroom agen asleep on da floor, dont make me get da hose bobby jnr!!!
by angelina balerine December 01, 2003
a funny gal who is off her shoppin trolly
"hey lyz r u in ashworth yet"
"yar i am"
by angela anaconda November 14, 2003