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adj. - A gangbanger with low self-esteem. This person loves dick and money. High probability of having at least one or more children who will grow up to be the same.
ex. It's not worth it man, her name is Lysa.

ex2. If my daughter doesn't grow up to be a stripper or a "Lysa", I've succeeded.

ex3. Life is not worth living anymore, I'm stuck with Lysa.
by daddy_transit March 13, 2010
Stunning individual and loved by all. Trusting, kind and humble. Makes a loyal friend and fantastic life partner. Usually positive and full of life. Always drop dead georgeous and talk of the town.
She is so amazing! She's a Lysa..
by Poopiepoops November 12, 2010
Beautiful. Woman most likely to become a lifelong friend and mate. See Empathy Empathy
You are so lucky to have found a Lysa.
by BlessedMan September 23, 2011

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