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The act of destroying a person's psyche and/or will to live by means of incredible rapping performance, whether by devastating insult to the person affected or by pure lyrical genius.
*Rapper finishes his set of amazing rhyming*


Witness: Oh shit son! That *offensive vernacular term for African-Americans* just committed lyricide on that fool!
#rap #rhymes #suicide #homocide #genocide
by Master Jo-Joe August 18, 2009
Listening to music that makes one want to kill oneself.

It specifically refers to depressing lyrics with side effects of attacking a persons subconscious if they don't listen to lyrics, or consciously making them want to kill themselves. Either way, it is a very high risk situation.

Also includes most pop music. On the grounds that the lyrics are so shallow that one must find refuge deep within themselves, with a knife or a sword or something.
Ali: "I love bright eyes. It is my musical choice to slit my wrists to."
Boss: "Don't you dare turn on that zune! That is lyricide! We will replace your blood stained cubicle !"

Jessica: "Elliot Smith means something to me because he was so poetic about his suicide."
Beavis: "He committed lyricide on himself."
#lyric #lyrics #suicide #lyriside #liriside #depressed #bright eyes #elliot smith #emo #teen wolf #therian #gothic #wrist cutter #pop music
by ALIKALINE December 30, 2012
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