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a person who is out-going, smart, loves to laugh, and who is admired by others

pronounce LEE-NA, think of ly as in friendLY. That's how you get LYnna.
Girl 1: i get to hang out with Lynna today...
Girl 2: Lucky! I wish i could hang out with her!
by beaver89 May 02, 2011
A superior human being . Kind , smart , caring , etc. not a common name .

Pronounced : Lin-na .
lynn . just with an "ah" at the end .
I love Lynna .
by Leopard<3 August 02, 2011
A duck that always laughs and has fun. It makes its own fun
by :]]]]]]]]]]] November 18, 2009
an asian duck that can not pronounce the word yellow
dude, did you hear her say yellow? It sounded like rero. She's a total lynna.
by fruity in the booty June 25, 2008