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Generous, wholesome, fun-loving, fly-by-the seat of her pants kind of gal! Is spontaneous, but also likes to plan big parties and get togethers with friends. Can be hot-tempered and hand out advice when not asked, but its worth putting up with because she is a loyal friend who will always be there for you!!
Have a Lynell plan your party and people will flock to you!!
by Lynell Tanner February 03, 2010
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Lynell is a hot, sweet, caring, and athletic guy that almost every girl likes. He has a nice body with sexy abs!!! Lynell is like every girls dream guy and younger boys look up to him and want to grow up like him!
Girl 1: You're lucky I wish my boyfriend was like a Lynell.
by DemonQueen9247 July 20, 2014

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