1. The "1337" in debate.
2. The majority of Lynbrook High School's attitudes; highly lack-luster, reflecting social inadequacies.
You are so Lynbrook. It shows.
by Caisha Sin'ya November 15, 2004
A school filled with morons who can't do jack and nerds who don't kno shit. He-Shes all around, too many chodes. Girls there STUFF THEIR BRAS XO XO XO.
Lynbrook's GPA is balanced between the hopeless geeks and the hopeless cracks

In the land of lynbrook the guys are mad and their girlfriends are prude
by heh February 01, 2005
an average school that, every year, gets their ass kicked by monta vista in just about every single sport ever invented.

9 out of 10 lynbrook students have been screwed anally at least twice (even the guys).
we (monta vista) went to lynbrooks XC meet and chewed their asses to a pulp.
They were crying when we were finished with them and they were begging us to stop.

mv guy: haha u guys had your asses handed to you. now i will have to give you a mushroom slap and bang you anally.
lynbrook guy: *sniff* okay please be nice *sniff*
**whimpering noises**
by mvstudent February 01, 2005
School where even slackers can get an easy 4.0
Lynbrook has lots of slackers.
by The Postal Service owns February 24, 2005
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