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To lymtudor is to smoke human flesh. It has been known throughout history to have been done, but as of June 27, 2008, no one had ever come up with a name for it, but the "eating fanatics" and "anti-smoking" liberal activist judges did make a word for eating human flesh, clearly showing the corrupt cannibal lobbyists in the United States Senate.

== History ==
Throughout history, many important leaders and historical figures have been known to have been lymtudors. Some examples are Rene Descartes, Johan Gutenberg, and Hester Prynne.

== Side Effects ==
The side effects include most notably the inexplicable urge to build model bridges. This can be equated to a well known issue referred to as the "munchies" often experienced by partakers of marijuana. Some lymtudors experience rare side effects such as the femurs turning into melted cheddar and pepper jack cheese. Also some may go unconscious and wake up in Asia wearing a human lung as a hat or cephalapleuring.

Narcitudors are a sub-branch of lymtudors who are known to enjoy only smoking their own flesh. Many witches are part of this subculture and would often commit crimes in order to force the townspeople to burn them at the stake. Also, Joan of Arc was a well known lymtudor and built a pyre on which she could burn herself and inhale her burning flesh. The Buddhist monks in Saigon were also very well known narcitudors as they decided to protest the United State's banning of lymtudor grade flesh in the city.

==Contributions to society==
Lymtudors are used in most new construction. This is done when project managers create huge oversized bridges anywhere, and hope that lymtudors will construct the model sized bridges, which will be the size that was intended, in the correct location, so as to save on labor costs. The quality of these bridges are very poor as they are only made of balsa wood and super glue and well over pi squared people have been injured in lymtudor constructed bridge collapses.
I knew a man who smoked three shylocks, and constructed nineteen model bridges in an hour once. Man what a lymtudor!
by Lymtudor August 16, 2008
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